Don’t Take it From Me, Learn from Satisfied Clients

What’s the risk?

I love that a local professional has the confidence and foresight to offer a free consultation with prospective clients that need to determine whether consulting is for them or not. They have processes that allow business owners to specialize in what they do. Don’t be an apple trying to be an orange, work your craft and let them work theirs. Thank you, Ingrid!

—Russ Schweikert

Coaching for Accountants!

In less than an hour, Ingrid had me completely rethinking my pricing structure. All clients don’t fit neatly into specific packages and using options tailored to each potential client makes them wonder “which” service level to take rather than “if”. It was the “Aha!” moment I needed to fine tune my marketing materials.

—Laura Pilkington, Accounting Elements

I am so glad they are part of my team!!

The books, numbers and financial side of my business have always caused me a good deal of anxiety. My patience and skills aren’t in that realm. I’ve been working with Ingrid for several years now, and my financial processes went from a real tangle into a well managed system. That’s just the starting point! I work in the tourism industry internationally, which brings up all sorts of unique money management issues, like seasonal highs and lows of money flow, dealing in more than one currency, etc. Ingrid has worked with me to figure out great ways to navigate these challenges. I am so glad she is part of my team!!

—Eric Mindling, Traditions Mexico Tours

They are thorough, capable, professional and so much fun to work with.

We at Ashland Brain Harmony really love the service Ingrid provides to us. Thorough, capable, professional and so much fun to work with. Thanks so much!

—Deborah Josephson, Ashland Brain Harmony

In response to the core values and Vision, Mission, Purpose creation process…

“It feels so right, it makes me want to puke.”

-Eden Trenor, Sacred Enterprise Lab

Love Our Monthly Calls!

I have absolutely loved our monthly calls. I get so much out of each session from both you and the others. I love the “focused seat” sessions because I think that focused attention is key in breaking through some of the issues each of us is having. You have such a natural way of teaching and such a genuine enthusiasm for helping us that I can’t help but be motivated and encouraged.

—Crystal Swett, Abacus Bookkeeping & Consulting