Tour App Study – Booking & Reservation Software Comparison

Polymath is launching our Tour App Study, a comparison study on tour booking/reservation software apps. We would love to hear your experience with the app you are using, and even if you’ve decided not to use an app or to build your own custom software.

The tour industry is being disrupted by emerging technology. There are currently over 150 apps to choose from, and no small business owner has the time to demo them all. We are working to streamline the process!  It costs nothing to participate, and you can invest as little or as much time as you wish.

If you can please take a moment to watch the video on YouTube, and share it with anyone that might be interested in offering any input, that would be fantastic. We need to get the word out about the Tour App Study in order for it to be really effective.

We would also love to have you join us in the Facebook discussion group, “Cultural & Adventure Tour Leaders – Business Strategy Group.” That is where we will be posting regular updates about the study and receiving feedback from the tours & activities business community. The Tour App Study is not the only discussion we have in that group; the group focuses on all sorts of various strategy ideas for tour companies to succeed. We would love to have your voice in the room!

There will be ongoing Tour App Study webinars going over the information and progress as we go, and all are welcome to participate in those events. Click here to register for the webinar so that you can be notified of these events as they are scheduled.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or feedback! We are creating this tool in an effort to improve the lives of tour operators & activities providers. By creating the Tour App Study, we hope to allow you to spend less time researching tour software and more time focusing on what you love!