Vision, Mission, & Purpose

Hi! I’m Ingrid Edstrom—they call me the Priestess of Profits due to my passion for preaching the gospel of healthy business. My passion can be found in helping small businesses with their business strategy and profit planning. My vision for my work through Priestess of Profits is to make the world a better place built on a foundation of thriving small businesses.

It is my intention to turn this vision into our shared mission in three ways:

Nurture: I educate my clients to help them lead strong businesses with healthy, happy teams.

Connect: I partner with my clients and their vendors and partners in collaborative relationships as a trusted advisor on the journey to fulfillment, success, and profit.

Manifest: I train others in my professional communities on how to redefine our industries and raise the bar for quality business strategy, thus helping more businesses all over the world.

My PURPOSE is to Empower your Passion

I’ve been working to help small businesses to streamline their financial processes and gain the peace of mind that comes from having optimized bookkeeping systems since I started my accountant industry consulting firm, Polymath LLC, back in 2008. I began Polymath with the intention to provide high quality and much-needed accounting consultation services to struggling local businesses in Southern Oregon.  By 2016, I found myself working with an increasingly niche business category: the travel and adventure tours industries. Since then, I’ve shifted my focus to ensure that my work has been growing and refining to specialize in business strategy for the tours and activities industries worldwide, and in 2020 I rebranded from Polymath to Priestess Of Profits.

At heart I’m an accounting and business strategy nerd. As founder and CEO of Priestess of Profits, I adore taking topics that most small business owners put on a scale from boring to terrifying and turning them into a fun and rewarding part of entrepreneurship. To that end, I created the Ask a Bookkeeper online education series, I’m a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, and a leader of the Southern Oregon Woodard Group.


I have been recognized as one of the accounting profession’s Top 40 Under 40 and as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine. I am also an Intuit QuickBooks Top 100 ProAdvisor and Firm of the Future winner.

When I’m not playing my favorite video game (QuickBooks), you can usually find me playing Irish music or frolicking with my goats.  I also enjoy singing, dancing, gardening, and adventuring around the world with friends and family. I live on a small farm with a variety of goats, rabbits, chickens, kitties, and snakes. My husband Jeff and I play Irish folk music in an Ashland, Oregon-based band known as The Feckin’ Tinkers.

Professional Keynote Speaker & Training

I have been blessed to have been asked to share my knowledge and expertise at a variety of keynote events around the world, including Intuit’s Quickbooks Connect, Scaling New Heights, Arival, and many more. It is my passion to teach others how to maximize their profits and my pleasure to see their dreams become a reality—and public speaking provides an amazing platform for me to do just that.