Time & Team Management Webinar

Time & Team Management for the Business You Love

Many people put a lot of focus on their efficiency without putting much thought into whether or not their time choices are effective. You can be very efficient at doing the wrong thing, and it will send your business moving ever faster in the wrong direction.

Join us to learn about some fantastic tools that you can use to determine whether you and your team members are putting your time to the best use based upon each of your personal strengths.

Click here to watch the replay on YouTube.

In this session participants will:
1.Learn about the life cycle of a business and where they are in that life cycle
2. Discover the personality and leadership types needed to achieve the next level of success
3. Gain strategies you can employ today to improve your time management and team collaboration for success moving forward

Please spread the word by inviting others to this event. The ongoing discussion will be happening in the Cultural & Adventure Tour Leaders Business Strategy Group on Facebook, so be sure to also join us there for updates and ongoing feedback requests.