Transition Prescription: Dealing with the Headache of Change

Join Ingrid and change expert Julie Ann Sullivan for this fun webinar on implementing change in your business. Learn about the common roadblocks to creating positive change, and gain fantastic tools on how to navigate those roadblocks!

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

The only aspect of life that is constant is change. From entrepreneur to large corporation, when it comes to managing change in the workplace, it’s an ongoing process. Teams and committees change, department goals change and your customers, clients and vendors change too. From utilizing a new software to a shift in ownership, the skills necessary to navigate change successfully are the same.

Managing change in the workplace is an ongoing process. Sometimes what is happening in an organization is out of your control. It is how you react to change that makes the difference. Accepting the inevitability of unforeseen circumstances is imperative to managing the stress inherent in these situations. The importance of recognizing personal barriers, and how they relate to accepting change, will reveal opportunities that naturally exist within every new challenge.

Click here to watch the replay on YouTube.

By attending this program, participants will:
1. Discover what personal barriers stand in your way of effective change.
2. Create strategic solutions to modify behaviors that block successful change
3. Cultivate specific behaviors to be more successful and emulate strong leadership
4. Classify specific steps within an effective strategic plan for change.
5. Get specific feedback and open communication channels to sustain performance effectiveness

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